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The Town

The Town

Quercianella is the neighborhood scout of the city of Livorno, has alias ben a holiday   resot, a small villege of about 1,000 souls dominated by the promontory Wheel  stands the castle of Sonnino (open at certain times during the year and details), in the summer resort has a micro climate suitable for people suffering from respiratory trait, has a thick Mediterranean espaecially foe pines and pine trees, as well as ptosferi, brooms and blueberry.

Its costine made of rocks and gravel has a cristalline sea mainly due to the variety of stones, tuf, slate, sandstone and black lava stone, give life to the serbe in the varios flora and fauna, rich in comatose and varieties of sea urchins fish,  sometimes you’re lucky enough to be able to see dolphins off being close to the paradise of Cetaceans of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The Yacht Club and Sailing Club and a diving center exists for lovers of diving and maritme activitites.
The village despite being small is complete in services, you will find the ‘post office, bank, stop with ancient licenses providing you with evrything you need.
Quercianella is the southernmost district of the city of Livorno, easy to reach both by car and bus, tourists have the opportunity to visit and see numerous Works:The Medici Fortress and the District la staue of the fours Moors, the Acquarium, theMueum of mediterranean and the Santuario di Montenero, the Museo Fattori and House de Modigliani.
For moreinformation please consult the debite of the Comune di Livorno.
Quercianella is also close to the Strada del Vino e dell’olio, tris starts right in town, you can easily follow it Chioma, Bolgheri Castagneto Carducci,through the hills.
From Quercianella you can reach the art cities of Pisa in just over an hour or Volterra and Florence, San Gimignano.
Beautiful in Tuscany there are 7 of the Unesco World Heritage sites.



Cycle tourism and trekking

The hotel is on the list of bike hotels in the province of Livorno. If your passion is cycling or you prefer cycle tourism, you can ride the roads of wine and oil of the Etruscan coast or the hills of Livorno.   continue
Cycle tourism and trekking

The Sea

The hotel is 150m from the sea, where the coastline is rocky and the beaches are made up of pebbles. The colour of the sea varies from clear blue to turquoise green. There are 5 marine establishments that cater for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming and 2 establishments where you can go sailing, hire canoes, inflatable boats and other marine equipment.   continue
The Sea