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Hotel Fiammetta - History

The Fiammetta Hotel is situated at the centre of Quercianella, in an antique building from the 1800’s. The small Ferri family hotel is still owned by the Ferri family since its opening in the early 1900’s (for more information on this period you can read about it in the book ‘Dalla Costa Fiorita di Quercianella’). Renamed ‘Fiammetta’ in the 1950’s in honour of Boccaccio’s lover the Lady Fiammetta. The hotel has maintained the architectural characteristics of that period, in particular the laurel reefs ‘I fasci d’alloro’, a sign of the fascist era, under the bedroom windows which you can see from via P. Nardini.

It is said that wealthy families came to the area from all over Tuscany and that actors, musicians and artists from Livorno stayed at the small family hotel. The latter, as often happened at the time, paid for their board by offering paintings. It is also said that numerous Macchiaioli style paintings by Fattori, Natali and Signorini were of the coastal towns and marinas of the area.

In the restaurant you can admire work by one of the last Macchiaioli style painters alive today, Aldo Mazzi. Quercianella’s coastline and Livorno’s marinas, in particular the Calambrone fork as well as Livorno’s hill tops, are easily recognizable. Currently, the hotel is run with the love and simplicity of the original era by lady Giorgina, known as Lori to her friends, and her children, Stefano and Sandra.